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For these 4 Tender Souls in need!!!

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4 Tender Souls - Their story

Our Mission

Learn more about our 4 Tender Souls - Reed, Stacie, Payton and Camden - by reading their full story here.

See for yourself just how much they need your extra love and support.

Our mission at Tender Mercies 4 Tender Souls is to raise awareness of the Kennington family's struggles and to create a network of support to help relieve their past medical debts and provide funding for current and future financial needs.

While most of us only see occasion medical crisis, the Kennington family sees them on a regular basis. After years of continued medical issues, and accompanying bills, they are in great need of love and support. So join us in giving them a helping hand.

Our 4 tender souls


Loving husband & father and a works as a Lead Exercise Therapist

​and Physiologist


Fun-loving and friendly, wise beyond his years.


Devoted wife & mother. Full of kindness and love for all.


A little ball of endless energy. full of life, love and laughter.

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