In Person:

Visit a Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) branch and donate to the "Reed & Stacie Kennington Donation Account" 

By Phone:

Call the UCCU hotline at (801) 223-8188 or (800) 453-8188 and donate to the above account via check/card over the phone.


Click on the donation button here!


You can be sure that your donations will be handled in the utmost professional and ethical manner. We have taken steps to ensure Reed & Stacie have full access and control regarding all funds the donated in her behalf.  All donations will be directly used by the Reed & Stacie Kennington family to help relieve current debts associated with their medical challenges, to help fund the costs of current treatments and used towards any other financial needs brought about by their situation.  A very, very small amount may be applied to things such as general website maintenance and other "overhead" type costs.

 What are the DOnations for?

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