For years, Reed and Stacie Kennington (and their 2 precious boys) have faced an unrelenting onslaught of continued and ever-increasing medical challenges. Week after week, month after month, and year after year they have faced these challenges with endless amounts and bravery and incredibly positive attitudes.

They have faced illness after illness, and have had surgery after surgery; even the little boys have had more than their share of ailments. ​Over the last several years, they each have had more physical and medical challenges than most people will ever face during an entire lifetime. 

​However, they have rarely, if ever, asked for help from others. Rather than "burdening" anyone else with their problems, they have quietly done their best at being self -sufficient, despite their great need for assistance.

And despite all they have personally faced, they have always been eager and willing participants when it comes to serving and helping others... even to their own physical detriment. They have continually set a high standard in their example of showing love and kindness to all and having gratitude for all the little blessings in their lives.

But as their challenges continue to grow and become more complex, particularly now, their need for other's help has become a necessity. They are no longer able to walk their path alone as their burden has become too great.

This is why we have created Tender Mercies 4 Tender Souls, in an effort to get them the help for which they are so very deserving.

Our Missionis to reach out to friends, family and even strangers to raise awareness about their plight and generate sufficient funding to help relieve them of the amassed medical debts with which their challenges have burdened them, along with sufficient funds to assist them in the their current and future financial needs.

​So we ask you to join us! Help support Tender Mercies 4 Tender Souls, and be part of something that will positively alter and potentially save the lives of these 4 Tender Souls!

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